Welcome to the Softball Coaching Series For the Harris Hill Charity Softball League 

Perhaps one of your reasons for playing softball this summer is the excuse for a post-game drink with mates, as much as it is about your position in the league. Or maybe you really love to win. Either way, most people I know tend to enjoy their game (and chat in the pub) a bit more if they feel they and their team played well, or at least played a bit better than the week before.

If this is true of you and your team, this Softball Coaching Series will help. I asked the fabulous coach, Luke Stott from Baseball Softball UK, to put together 6 mini training films to help you get better at the most important skills in softball.  

I hope you enjoy practicing Luke’s ideas, and whether you win or lose, have a fantastic season.  

Rob, Bright Spot Fundraising (@woods_rob)

Video 1 - Want to hit better?

In today’s short training film, our coach Luke explains some key things to focus on if you want to improve your batting. 

Want to get ahead of the game?

Each week we’ll send you the link to a new short coaching film, via the regular email to charity team captains. The six films are:

Batting; Throwing; Catching; Ground Balls; Fly Balls and Maintaining Focus When Batting.

But if you can’t wait till next week, click on the purple link below. This takes you to a page where you can download all 6 films today. 

Do you want to win more games this season?

Many years ago, my team won the London Charity Softball League. The short film on the left of the screen includes archive footage of the shock / joy on my face as I discover that the ball has miraculously stuck in my glove to make the final catch – it’s the moment I realise we’ve won the final.

And I go on to explain the strategy we used to get this result, and how you can apply this technique to any area of your life where you want better results, including fundraising.

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