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The six month immersion package that builds your skill, confidence and fundraising momentum. 

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What is the Major Gifts Mastery Programme?

This programme will help anyone whose job includes raising high value income through trusts and major donors. It is also immensely powerful for the managers of major donor fundraisers, as it helps you to better manage, coach and train your team in the tried and tested Mastery strategies.

About Rob 

Rob is an award-winning trainer and the author of several fundraising books including The Fundraiser Who Wanted More.

He has spent more than 18 years in fundraising, working out ways to increase charity income. As an independent coach and trainer for 12 years, he has helped more than 10,000 fundraisers and directors.

His clients include Oxford University, Save the Children, Tate and UNICEF UK, as well as many hundreds of small charities and sole fundraisers. 

"In training hundreds of major donor fundraisers at high achieving organisations, including Oxfam, Cambridge University and NSPCC over the last twelve years, I’ve found that though most fundraisers usually work very hard, certain problems crop up again and again. When these happen, consistent financial results become very hard to achieve. And yet, it’s tantalising to me that with the right strategies and support, even the biggest barriers to success in major donor and trust fundraising can absolutely be solved."

 "Before going on Rob's course, I hadn't booked any meetings with donors. Following the first training - which was fantastic - I got on the phone and booked 10 meetings for the next two months. The meetings resulted in 5 gifts worth a total of £55,000. I absolutely recommend you go on his training" Polly Bishop, Major Gifts Officer, Christian Aid 

Do you say yes to any of the following?

  • Your Board don’t understand fundraising or suggest names of their contacts to invite to events 
  • Poor prospecting results - you aren’t finding, meeting and involving enough potential donors. 
  • When you do meet a donor, the conversation may be pleasant, but it doesn’t lead anywhere. There are not enough large gifts.  
  • A poor work / life balance, going home too late, far too often, exacerbating stress and sometimes contributing to poor health. 
  • It feels overwhelming. There are so many areas that demand your attention, that sometimes you don’t know where to spend your time to make the biggest difference. 
  • You’re the only person in your charity responsible for raising major donor income. It’s hard to take consistent action when you don’t have someone to reassure you that you’re on the right track. 
  • Some of your colleagues don’t understand how high value fundraising works, for instance in the need to provide project information. 
  • High value fundraising is just one of your responsibilities, and so it’s rare that you have much time to make a difference in this area.
  • You have demanding targets and expectations from colleagues / the Board, which have so far been difficult to meet 

What kind of results can you expect?

Clarity on how to practically make high value fundraising work in your charity 

More meetings with donors and funders 

Far greater confidence and skill to positively influence current and potential donors when you meet them  

The ability to confidently make more asks for gifts 

Progress and momentum in positive relationships with wealthy donors who care about your cause 

‘I used Rob’s brilliant story techniques from the Major Gifts Mastery Programme with a donor last week and I’m thrilled to say they decided to make a gift of £50,000 – you can’t afford to not know what Rob teaches.’ Florence Bill, Head of Major Gifts, Birkbeck College London 

Who will benefit from the Major Gifts Mastery Programme? 

This programme will help anyone whose job includes raising income from major donors and trusts. It is also immensely powerful for the managers of high value fundraisers, as it helps you to better manage, coach and train your team in the tried and tested Mastery strategies. 

People who do this course increase their skill level, confidence and fundraising momentum. Here are some of the specific strategies you will learn. 

  • The strategies Rob taught the NSPCC that helped them increase Major Gifts income by 29%. 
  • Rob’s Magic Formula for finding your most persuasive messages 
  • The psychology of confident fundraising which one recent Mastery participant used to secure a gift of £5 million. 
  • How to persuade more wealthy prospects to meet you.  
  • How to confidently ask for money. 
  • The little-known tactic that helps you focus on the most lucrative activities. (One gift it generated at Scope was worth £62,000)
  • Greater confidence, skill and results on the telephone
  • The AURA System for handling objections  
  • Rob’s system for getting dramatically better results from events and networking  
  • Tried and tested strategies that help you feel bolder, take more action and build MOMENTUM. 

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‘What I love about this course is it’s so practical. I’ve seen loads of monetary value come from what we learned, including a gift of £200,000 from a trust that came about because of the learnings in the course. If you want to raise more money, I’d urge you to do the Programme.’ Paul McKenzie, Head of Major Giving, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home 

What investment is required?

Only £1,897 (+vat) 
Only £1,000 (+vat) Click Here To Find Out More

The Major Gifts Mastery Programme will run from 24th April 2019 for six months.

Session dates: 24th April 2019 21st May 2019 10th July 2019 5th September 2019

What are you waiting for?

“My guarantee. I’m so certain you will find the Major Gifts Mastery Programme invaluable, that if you’re not delighted at the end of Day 1, I will not only give you a full refund, I will also make a gift of £750 to your charity.” - Rob Woods

What if you’re interested… but still something’s holding you / your manager back? 

Maybe because one of you has heard Rob speak at a conference, you already know that just one hour of his content made a difference; or even if you haven’t met him you are sufficiently moved by how many people report clear progress after working with Rob… …and yet there still may be some problems getting in the way of giving the mastery programme a try. The following answers might help: 

 ‘My charity has only just started to think about major donor fundraising. Will this Programme help me?’ 

This Programme is not right for everyone. If you’re not sure, you can apply for a FREE half hour coaching session (which normally costs £95), and not only will we help you solve current challenges you face, we’ll also help you work out whether your charity is right (ie in a position to make the most of) this Programme. 

‘I’m an experienced fundraiser who manages other people who do major donor fundraising. Will this programme help me?’ 

Whenever we run this Programme, some of the places are taken by front line fundraisers and some are taken by managers / leaders. If you manage other people, you will find that not only do the training sessions help you refine the fundraising techniques, but you will also be able to go back to your team and teach / coach them in how to do more of the things that raise more money.

‘I want to come, but my manager isn’t sure we should take the risk’  

I have been running these Programmes for four years, and I am so sure you’ll be delighted with the value you get from it, if you’re not delighted by the end of Day 1, I’ll give you a full refund and also write a cheque to your charity of £750. All of the risk is on me.  

‘I’d love to join this Programme, but my charity has hardly any budget’ 

It is possible to pay in installments if that helps you stretch your budget.  

If your charity is concerned about its finances, then all the more reason to invest in helping its fundraisers succeed. 

And from the first moments you will find this Programme is designed to repay the investment you make by helping you do practical things that build momentum to help you increase major donor income. For instance, a key focus is helping you get more face to face meetings with potential and existing donors. Most people at least double the number of conversations they are having with donors, which obviously greatly increases your chances of securing major gifts. 

If your budget is tiny, but you’ve heard Rob speak before and so you know that his strategies will absolutely help you make fundraising progress, then another option at a more affordable price is the Bright Spot Members Club, which gives you access to online training films, downloads and monthly webinars with Rob.  

‘I’ve never had coaching before, how does this work?’  

The three telephone coaching sessions are an immensely powerful part of the Programme. Your coach will not only have excellent experience and skill in major donor fundraising, they are also very skillful at helping to build your confidence. This is vital because high value fundraising does not happen in a vacuum and there are all manner of issues which can get in the way of you succeeding at, and enjoying your job. Your coach will help you find ways to keep making forward progress, which not only builds your confidence and resilience, it also helps you get results.  

‘This sounds really helpful, but we don’t have any budget’ 

Every time I run this Programme, at least one participant has decided to pay for their place out of their own money, because their charity has no budget, and they’re determined to attend anyway. Every person who has done this has found it to be an invaluable investment, because not only does the programme help you enjoy the increase your confidence and progress in your job, but also, when you get better at your job and improve your results, it becomes easier to command a higher salary. If your charity has hardly any budget, but you’ve heard Rob speak before and so you know that his strategies will absolutely help you make fundraising progress, then another option at a more affordable price is the Bright Spot Members Club, which gives you access to online training films, downloads and monthly webinars with Rob. 

‘I found the Mastery Programme incredibly helpful. For example, I recently used the techniques from the course before and during a meeting with a donor who has now agreed to make a gift of £500,000.’ Melanie Bushell Development Director, The Portsmouth Grammar School 

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