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What is the Bright Spot Members Club?

The Members Club is an online platform for any fundraising professional who loves to stay inspired and keep learning. If you believe you raise more money when you have access to a supportive community and proven fundraising techniques, this club is for you. 

Why I created this club ...

In 18 years in fundraising I’ve noticed that most fundraisers are bright, hard-working and determined to make a difference. And yet, I’ve noticed that many are frustrated that they’re not making as much progress as they’d like, in their results, skills and confidence. This is usually because:

  • Their charity gives them targets which increase each year, but little or no training in strategies to help them succeed. 
  • Even though some charities provide a bit of training (usually going on a conference or one day training course), it’s rare that that one day event makes a big difference to you two months later. 
  • Most fundraisers I know are the only person in their charity doing that kind of job so they never get to talk things through with someone who understands the issues, so taking confident action is often difficult.

About Rob

Rob Woods is an award-winning trainer and the author of several fundraising books including The Fundraiser Who Wanted More. Having spent 18 years in fundraising, he has been an independent coach and trainer for 13 years, helping more than 10,000 fundraisers, managers and directors. 

His clients include Oxford University, Save the Children and UNICEF UK. He has been a tutor for the Institute of Fundraising Academy for 12 years and is an adjunct Professor of Philanthropy at the University of Bologna.

“Rob manages to make the Members area feel like a live conversation with him and with fundraising peers, so that you get much of the same benefits as being on one of his face to face courses. Plus, access to a new bundle and a webinar each month keeps the content fresh and relevant, and provides the opportunity to dip in and out around your other priorities. It’s great!” Charlie Drummond, Head of Philanthropy, Breast Cancer Care

Do you say yes to any of the following?

  • Your targets get higher every year, but there’s little / no training in techniques to help you succeed 
  • You sometimes feel stuck / don’t know what to do to solve your fundraising problems 
  • As a leader you feel overwhelmed. So many challenges to handle. 
  • You’d love to send your team on training, but it’s too expensive 
  • You sometimes don’t believe that raising more money is even possible for a fundraiser in the kind of charity where you work 
  • You meet potential donors, have a chat that seems nice enough, but that rarely leads to any actual support 
  • Your colleagues are well-meaning, but they don’t understand fundraising  
  • You sometimes hold back from taking action because although what you’re doing seems sensible, you don’t know for certain whether its likely to work 
  • Potential partners you pitch to give you nice feedback, but without winning the partnership 

Who is Bright Spot Members Club for? 

Fundraisers, Fundraising Managers and Directors Anyone who is determined to increase fundraising income and has realised that finding tried and tested strategies and a supportive environment will help. 

‘In the last two months alone we’ve secured the chance to pitch to five companies, and we’ve won all five partnerships, each worth at least £10,000. So I absolutely recommend you do Rob’s training.’  

Claire Ellis-Waghorn, Head of Fundraising, Demelza Hospice Care for Children

The Bright Spot Members Club will help you:

Do practical things to help you build relationships with donors and increase income 

Take action with more confidence

Share challenges and get support from like-minded members

Enjoy the buzz of personal progress and increased confidence

Ready to Join the Bright Spot Members Club?

What does the club include?

  • Choose from the existing 10 bundles of inspiration - films and ‘how to’ notes. Recent topics include Mid value donor strategies; How to punch above your weight in corporate partnerships; How to build an outstanding culture for fundraising and Winning Hearts and Minds with Gravitas expert Caroline Goyder. 
  • A new bundle on a new topic every month. The strategies keep coming so you stay relevant and dip in and out of whichever topics suit you best.  
  • Q and A webinars with Rob and a different fundraising expert each month - to help you solve your challenges. 
  • Personal Fundraising Power – improve your skills for influencing donors (and colleagues!) and building your momentum through 17 video modules of Rob’s most powerful Masterclass strategies.  
  • Downloadable notes and tips booklets, including Win that Pitch, How to be a millionaire magnet and the Fundraiser’s Meeting Checklist.  
  • The World Class Fundraiser’s Edge – Listen to interviews with more than a dozen outstanding fundraisers explaining how they’ve got their results.  
  • Members community / private Facebook Group – Support from a like-minded group of fundraisers to help you succeed. 

A new bundle of inspiration every month…

As soon as you join, you have access to all 12 existing bundles of training and inspiration. Each includes a training film in bite-size modules, a download of supporting notes and a recorded Member’s Questions Answered Webinar to help you apply the techniques. As well as receiving a new bundle each month, as soon as you sign up, you will have access to these existing ones:  

Winning strategic corporate partnerships, with Ben Swart, Head of New Corporate Partnerships, NSPCC

Mid-level donor strategies, with Charlie White, Vivid formerly Head of Philanthropy at National Trust

The extraordinary power of your social capital and how to harness it, with Richard Turner, former Fundraising Director of Solar Aid

Punching above your weight in corporate partnerships, with Alix Wooding, Director of Development, Southbank Centre 

Delight your donors by creating great memories, with Craig Linton, the Fundraising Detective

How to building an outstanding culture for fundraising, with Liz Tait and Paul McKenzie, Battersea Cats and Dogs Home

Interested in team membership?

If several of you work for the same charity, there are several reasons its worth joining at the same time. Not only is it much easier to make progress if other people are learning with you, but there are also sizeable discounts available for team memberships.  

Whether your team is large or small, contact us today to find out just how much you could save if you join together. Click here to email us about a team membership. 

What are you waiting for?

My guarantee ‘I’m so sure you’ll find these resources helpful, that if after three months you don’t feel the Members Club has provided value far greater than your subscription, let me know and I will donate £75 to your charity’ Rob Woods  

"Rob has been coaching me for three years, and its made a massive difference – my team now raise £1 million more per year! These strategies work."  

Andy Sallnow, Head of Events, Prostate Cancer UK 

What if you’re interested… but still something’s holding you back? 

Maybe because one of you has heard Rob speak at a conference, you already know that just one hour of his content made a difference; or even if you haven’t met him you are sufficiently moved by how many people report clear progress after working with Rob… …and yet there still may be some problems getting in the way of giving Members Club a try. The following answers might help: 

ONLINE?! ‘I know I learned a lot from Rob at a conference / in a training day, but I’m not sure it would be the same learning on-line’. 

This is an entirely reasonable concern, not least because even if you have done some learning on-line, it may have been less than satisfactory (eg it largely involved clicking on multiple choice questions for some kind of compliance topic…) But the Members Club could not be more different. The best thing would be try it for one month and see for yourself. Explore as many of the 12 existing bundles as you like. They’re collections of bite-size films, with ‘how to notes’ of Rob or another fundraising expert sharing exactly how they get those results. They’re showing you how to solve common fundraising challenges and sharing stories / examples to help you believe in and follow the ideas, so you can try them in the real world. And the Members’ Questions Answered webinars with Rob and access to other positive fundraisers through the private Facebook group help you become part of the Bright Spot Members community.

TIME! ‘I’m too busy’ / ‘I’d love to get access to this kind of learning and inspiration but don’t think I have the time’ / ‘My manager would not want me to do members club learning at work. ‘I don’t want my colleagues to know what a keen / ambitious fundraiser I am to be studying like a professional rather than pluckily struggling like an amateur’. 

The beauty of getting inspired through Members Club is it’s so flexible. So you can’t do the video bundles (fundraising courses) at work? Do them at home or on the bus using a tablet or smart phone. So you don’t have long chunks of time to spare? Do them in small chunks. 

The average module in Personal Fundraising Power is ten minutes long, (plus allow five minutes to read or use the downloadable worksheet.) In what week could you not find 15 – 30 minutes, if you were committed because you knew it would help you?

 So you don’t have time for homework? Though smart learners do give some thinking time to the content from the bundles, there are no essays, convoluted coursework or assembling of portfolios. These are practical bundles designed to help you solve the real problems you face as a fundraiser. So any ideas you implement after watching a video or reading a download, will be things you choose to do because you believe it will help you get results. 

TINY BUDGET / MANAGER NOT CONVINCED. ‘We have hardly any budget’.

Clearly, if your charity is struggling financially, the one area to not cut back is in things that will help you succeed at fundraising.  

Members Club is an investment, and furthermore it’s much more likely to bring a return compared to the monthly magazine subscription or going on a conference, which many charities do justify the budget for.  

For the same price as many fundraising conferences or one day courses, you could access the Members Club for 7 or 8 months. Of course, many conferences and one day courses are very helpful, but how long does their effect last?  

Have you ever been on a one day conference or course and still felt the buzz of inspiration 6 weeks later, let alone 6 months?  

Yet members Club has the power to lift your fundraising energy month in, month out because you can log in whenever you like, and there is a new bundle and webinar every single month. 

IMPACT! ‘What if it doesn’t work (ie help me make progress)?’  

1) Unlike most magazine subscriptions, you don’t have to pay for a year’s subscription up front. With Members Club, you can try it out, paying each month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.  

 2) After helping fundraisers to make progress for over 13 years, I know these strategies and tactics work. If you’re not delighted with how much value you’ve received in the first three months, I’ll donate £75 to your charity.  

NO BUDGET! ‘We have no budget at all!’ 

Although in an ideal world a charity should be able to and choose to invest in its fundraisers, in reality there will always be times when this does not / cannot happen. For 12 years some people, from both large and small charities, have invested their own money to access my training.  

Though some people would say this should not have to happen, these realists have taken the view that when they’re making progress in their job and career, they’re happy, so it’s a choice that they’re pleased with. Also, when you’re raising more money professionally, you’re more likely to get promoted / increase your earning power, so this too is a canny investment. And some people increase the chances their employer will find some budget, by offering to split the cost of the membership between themselves and the charity.

RELEVANT TO ME? ‘I work in a tiny team, so have to do lots of different kinds of fundraising’ / OR I’m a specialist fundraiser in a large / medium charity – will the content help me?’ 

YES. At the very least, try out Members Club for one month to see for yourself.  

There is a mix of Rob’s content (eg Personal Fundraising Power, for anyone who ever meets their donors / or needs to influence others or build their fundraising momentum) and each month a bundle on a different topic usually with other specialists, covering a wide range of fundraising topics, eg from Mid-level Donor Strategies, to Winning Hearts and Minds (donors, colleagues or trustees), to Winning Strategic Corporate Partnerships, Building a Great Fundraising Culture or Increasing income with Improved Thanking and many, many more. 

Sometimes a month’s bundle won’t be exactly your topic, but maybe you need to understand (or manage the work of a colleague) who does this.

‘I’ve found the Members Club incredibly helpful. Rob is the best in the business, and as well as the training bundles, the other really valuable thing for me has been the monthly Q and A webinars with him, where I’ve been able to get timely, inciteful ideas to help solve the real fundraising challenges that my team is dealing with.’ John Appleton, Head of Trusts, The Salvation Army

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